Sustainable planning

Hrudhyam offers ergonomic and analytical space zoning on base of SUN structured with multiple size retail and office options to make the project interactive while creating more footprint and more business in turn.


Retail and Showrooms

Tara planned into retail spaces. It will offer diverse business options from multi branding to ATM, separate double height entrance with designated branding areas and escalators for effortless movement.


Cocooned central Courtyard

Tara courtyard socialized with central cocooned space. Amenities and branding areas is designed full of external views and optimum space for relax and business meetups.


Corporate Offices – Restaurant

Prominence is exquisite office space for corporate with energy saving location of north-east lighting with a three level extravagant entrance lobby.



Co-working space

RADICO is a business service that involves individual working independently or collaboratively in a radical shared working space.


Premium office spaces

Corona is the central offices space opening to north east lights with energy saving with three dimension air circulation for esteem ownership.


Foods and Beverages

First of a kind at level 14 blended with business freak ups and watering gourmet. Evening and night chills with steaming tea coffee fragrance and flavour ice creams.


Single plate offices

Crown of project with panoramic views, space ideal for corporate and IT firms. It offers premium spaces overlooking the lush green Gandhinagar city.